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Monday, August 11, 2014

Hillclimber in 30 days? I thought they only did that on TV . . .

So this guy named Ted Theodore has been bugging me all year to do something called a Hillclimb.

They close off a section of road and proceed to send racers uphill and downhill in set intervals. Sounds dangerous . . . where do I sign up!!

Well do to this thing called life that continues to haunt me, it kept moving to the back burner and eventually off the radar. However, that guy named Ted does not give up too easily.

He sent me information on the Time Trial and Time Trial School at Talladega Grand Prix Raceway. I really wanted to attend to get licensed so I can terrorize tracks up and down the east coast.

Alas, it was not to be due to work and having no car available with the required safety items to hit the track.

But this would not deter that guy named Ted!!

Three days ago, I made an innocent post regarding a Can-AM car I would hoon to end of the earth. That damn Ted Theodore called me out . . . talked about a birdbath and put me in contact with a fabricator to get a roll bar and other safety items to run the Dragon on September 13-14.

So now . . . I have a fabricator to call and Ted Theodore calling me out. Not only that, Mrs. Zero is telling me to take one my crapcans and go . . . So which crapcan should I take?? Well the Corolla is out since that is the GRM $20xx Challenge car and I'm not putting a bar in an AutoX only car. The LS still has a tiny man with big hammer trying to get out of engine. The "LadyBug" is off-limits. Why not use the 530i??

It's a proven track crapcan with a track weekend and a HPDE weekend under its belt. But why would I take my former DD and put a bar in it? Well . . . when I retired it from DD duties, I move it back to country. I went several months later to start it and the interior looked of 6 month old bread. Thanks to a heater core that sprung a leak and the lack of ventilation (yea I forgot to crack the windows . . .), the interior has the green and white fuzzies.

So with the plan devised to get that guy named Ted off my back and scratch a racing itch I've had for the last 3 years, I started to make arrangements to get the 530i back to Strike Zero Garage. However . . . plans change . . . as always.

After speaking with the fabricator about the car and the state (stripped) he would need the car to be to complete the roll bar, I decided all the work to get the 530i ready may not be worth it. Sure it be awesome to bust the Dragon in big ole V8 powered E34, but that's a lot work to get it ready (mold abatement, strip the interior, etc). So why not use something that is already stripped . . . 350is . . . after all, it is the Track Rat!!

Armed with an old plan with a new twist, I will attempt to turn this into a hillclimber in 30 days . . . Follow along to see if we make it . . . .