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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I was once told . . .

That a neat and orderly garage is conducive to good work. So after the help of some friends and purchase of a new toolbox, the garage now looks like this:

I was also told that organization is the key to success. So I raided Mrs. Zero's DYMO and got to organizing:



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Patients

Here are some pics of the two patients currently on the stand:

Left: M42*
Right: 5.0L
*Yes the 4 cylinder is bigger than the 8 cylinder in size

Both are currently torn down to a shortblock state:

Checking PtV on the 5.0L at the Old House

M42 Shortblock

M42 Head

Trunk full of goodies
Left: 5.0L Engine/Transmission Plate and Ford Distributor
Semi-Center: Bilstein/H&R M3 Race suspension
Right: 5.0L GT40P heads (rebuilt by me :D) + Valve covers


Stuff in my Garage

I've finally completed all of the pages for the stuff that resides here at the garage!!

To view, click on the links somewhere over there ======>


Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to the Garage

Welcome to Strike Zero's Garage!!

This is my little spot to share a my automotive/powersport/motorsport hobby.

During the day, I'm just an ordinary guy making a living in Information Technology. Yes, I am your average computer nerd and my entire house is the equivalent to a small data center . . . LOL!!

However, after I put down the keyboard and mouse, I tend to pickup wrenches and ratchets to do two things:
  1. Maintain all the vehicles for DD use and road trip operation
  2. Build some really neat cars!!
No I can't weld or design trick suspension parts, but I think I do ok my little two car garage for a weekender :D

I've participated in several AutoX and tracks events with SCR-SCCA, Tarheel Sportscar Club/Triangle Z Club, NASA, BMWCCA, and Asphalt Ventures. I did pretty well in 2006 with SCR-SCCA and took the Street Modified title in my 325is (no it did not have a M3 motor, turbos, or a V12).

Currently in the garage and driveway:
  • 1988 Volvo 780
  • 1993 BMW 318is: Gas Sipper
  • 1993 BMW 325is => 350is: Track Rat
  • 1994 BMW 530i
  • 1997 BMW 740i
  • 1998 Honda VFR800FI
  • 2000 Dodge Dakota: V8
Everything is driveway is manual transmission (except the Volvo and the 740i . . . but you will see that change here in the blogs in the coming months) and ready to make a road trip (except the 325is/350is - more on that later :D)

Enough of the intro and welcome . . . Look forward to updates and snips about the on-going projects of Strike Zero's Garage!!