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1988 Volvo 780

I took delivery of a 1988 780 in February and drove it back from FL.

It's completely stock and completely strange . . .

Strange thing is it doesn't have a sunroof. Apparently, one of the two owners though the easiest way to fix a leaky sunroof is to put completely seal it up with metal and left the shade slider in place. They also forgot to flush out all of the water, so there is some rust bubbling at the edge of the roof line . . . Other issues with the car are the derelict leather from neglect and non working seats . . . but that's ok cause I have a plan for that stuff

However, the car's mechanicals are a gem!! It ate up the miles coming back from FL. The V6 is a smooth operator and the auto works very well. We got about 26mpg on the trip. Even the Nivomats are working well.

I bought this to tinker on in my spare time and can't wait to tear into it . . .

Phase 1:

Engine and Trans swap - This chassis is DYING for a V8. The Ford 4.6 DOHC motor would fit the bill; awesome sound and sweet powerband. But since this brother can't weld, I have to go another route. Yeah, it's another Chevy GenIII swap . . . yay!! But since I have this WC T5 setting here and can get a CHEAP 4.8L . . . why not? While it may not sound like the DOHC, I can duplicate the powerband very easily. After all, a rowdy cam and 320whp/300wtq would make this car a RIOT!!

Phase 2:

Suspension + wheels - The 15" wheels look GOOD, but are 2" shy of what I want, so those have to go. I'm currently looking for another multi spoke design in the 17" variety with a dark bronze hue . . . at least the picture looks good in my head For suspenders, I'm planning on copying a fellow Turbobrick member VQ's setup. Everything else at my house has Blisteins . . . why stop now?

Phase 3:

Interior - As you can tell from the pics, the interior has been neglected and sun dried. The front seats don't work and are hard. The back seat seem to be ok, until look though the back glass . . . I'm thinking some manual Corbeaus for the front and checking with the upholsterer to see how much $$ to get the back seats done. Finally, I have trace down all of the electrical do-dads that don't work or work randomly.

Phase 4:

Exterior - Here's the part of the project that my homie will have to take over. He's going to take care of the bubbly windshield frame for me and black out all of the chrome. I've got a hold of the lower valance under the grill and some good sail panel trim to replace the boogered ones on the car (no rust found behind the panels on the inside). I still have to find a gas tank door (they put a plain jane 7xx door on there).

Like I said, this will be my tinker toy. I don't have a specific time line to get all this stuff done. I am planning on driving it as it until I start the motor swap.

Here are some pics: Volvo 780