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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update . . .Not really

Not really much of an update . . .

But I did get to sample BMW's new 650i vert last week.

Things I like:

  1. The POWER
  2. The TORQUE
  3. Sporting handler for such a BIG ass car
Things I didn't like
  1. Flappy paddle 8 speed trans
  2. Sport + didn't stay in Sport +
  3. Weight ~4600 lbs . . . seriously??
  4. The farting noise it made on upshifts
  5. Price tag (as tested  . . .$98K)
Ok . . . yeah, it's expensive and heavy, but this chassis moves around without any complaint. The last generation 6er (E63/E64) kind of lumbered about around corners and had a good amount of understeer when moved above the 5/10s threshold. It was good in straight line . . . This new chassis (F12/F13)  is sublime albeit with the truck like weight. Me thinks the coupe (~4200) will be a better performer.

The third pedal would have made this car a HEAP more fun to drive and to tame all that tq (450lb-ft from 1750-4500rpm). Speaking of which, hits pretty damn hard!! The surge of power is something to experience. It is honestly on the dumb side of stupid  . . .


I did some work on the 302 as well. Nothing to really talk about, but the pictures will do a better job:
Tested and rebuilt 24lb Injectors

Oil Filter Adapter

Looks like we may have an issue . . . ordered a 90* adapter from Summit Racing


The 530i decided to spring a nice coolant leak last week. After running some die and chasing it with a black light, I found the culprit. The strange octopus looking hose under the coolant tank has a pin hole leak . . . yay!! While chasing the coolant leak, I made the most of a BALMY, HOT SC summer's day by dropping the oil pan to check the oil pump bolts and replace the oil pan gasket.


Last night I also decided to empty my bank account with the following vendors:

  • BMA Parts - Patrick B. and Yves provide awesome service with good prices for BMW parts and quick turn around on orders. When I need parts of my Bimmers, I call these guys FIRST!
  • Rock Auto - While their shipping scheme is highly dubious, the parts they stock are quality parts. Everyone of my cars have some parts from Rock Auto's warehouse. Shipping time is short and prices are GOOD.
  • Summit Racing - Do I really have to say anything about Summit Racing? All the damn hot rod parts you want for $11.95 shipped . . . only if my wallet was full of money. Since they have a warehouse right there in GA, I can order parts today and it will be here tomorrow.

Finally, I went to of Monroe, NC yesterday to get the LR4 for the Volvo 780.

For $550, I got:
  • LR4 - 110K mile
  • ECU
  • PS Pump
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • 6-Month warranty
  • Crap you see in the pics of the motor
As you probably noticed, they cut the wiring harness (BOOOOOOO!!!) when they removed it from the truck. Since I have to get one, I may use the eBay vendor TechRods to get one built for my project, unless I find a complete one for <$150.