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2000 Dodge Dakota: V8

Every good garage need a good shop truck, how else are you going to get the crapcans and parts home to work on it?

Mine happens to be a 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport. It's pretty loaded for a Shop Truck: 4.7L V8, 5spd manual, 3.91 gears, pwr locks and windows . . . heck it even has A/C :D

I took the train down to Deland, FL, purchased this bad boy and drove it back. It gets about 20-22mpg and hauled everything from fertilizer to ass with some cars and parts in between. My little muscle truck also seen some AutoX action (yes . . . on the Bridgestone ATs) and part took in some parade laps (NSFW - Thanks Mrs. Zero) around Road Atlanta during the The Mitty '10.

This is one my least modded vehicles (other than the Volvo):

  1. Upgraded Shocks (valved equivalent to a F-250 :D)
  2. Towing hitch
  3. New Clutch and throwout bearing
  4. Slightly aggressive front alignment
Yup . . . that's it. Other than the usual maintenance items, nothing more has been done to it. Remember, it's the Shop Truck!!

List of things to be done:
  • Front wheel bearings
  • Heater core (dreading this as it seems like Dodge decided to build the truck around the heater core . . . WTF DODGE?? Whiskey . . . Tango . . . Foxtrot!!)
  • Waterpump
  • Lower and Upper Ball joints
Here's some pics: 2000 Dodge Dakota: V8