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Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 12 & 13 - To short to release . . . (8/21/2014 & 8/22/2014)

There are parts in this build that are standard and, of course, non-standard . . . What would a 30-day build without some drama??


I'm using a SN-95 V6 spec T-5 due to the Foxbody spec T-5s are normally beat to hell and expensive. And of course the two have their differences.

Originally purchased an external slave for the clutch that was designed for the Fox T-5. Since the SN-95 T-5 release fork comes out of the bellhousing at 8 o'clock position (instead of 9 o'clock) the external slave would need a special bracket made.

Enter the internal or concentric release bearing. The one I picked up from Ram Clutches (78130) would be offered up for moving the clutch.

The SN-95 T-5's input shaft is 0.625" longer and bellhousing is 0.67" deeper. After using the instructions (yea, I read em twice!!) to measure how many shims I need to space the release bearing, it came up short. The freeplay/clearance space is supposed to be 0.150" - 0.200". How short? 1.283" . . . HOLY SMOKES . . . I measured it three - four times to make sure I didn't screw it up. Yup . . . too short.

I added all of the shims that was provided in the kit to get see what I get  . . . 0.751". It can be shimmed out more, but the stud that the release bearing rides on is not long enough . . . crap


I phoned up Ram Clutches. We threw some numbers and pictures back and forward through email. They appeared to be more baffled at the flywheel/clutch/pressure plate height more than anything. Tech support finally said "Can you bring it by HQ on Monday? We'll measure it up and find you a solution . . ."

Guess where I'll be on Monday!!

However, as a back up, I'll mock up a bracket out of cardboard and MDF to use the external slave as a "just in case" . . . You have to be prepared don'tcha know!!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 11 - Low and Slow . . . (8/20/2014)

So . . . no work was completed today. I didn't even go to the garage.  I did get to watch the back of my eye lids after work and it felt good.

I did start thinking about the exhaust. Apparently, I can run this 302 uncorked up the Dragon . . . Be still my beating heart!! However, I've done the uncorked race car and no thanks . . . Besides, since this will be a track day machine as well, I will need a muffler for the noise limits that some tracks have.

Here are some choices:

  • Dynomax Super Turbo
  • Dynomax Ultraflo
  • Dynomax Race Bullet
  • Moroso Spintech
  • Moroso Spiral Flow
  • Hooker Aerochamber

I'm looking at the Race Bullets due to their AWESOMELY low $20 buy in price for the 9" version and $45 for the 12". That should still let the 302 breathe, but knock the edge off the sound.

My Summit Racing order for bolts should be here tomorrow and I can get back to the garage to finish up the measurement of the HTOB + installation of clutch/flywheel. I'll probably mount up the FEAD and ancillaries, unwrap the exhaust crossover, and mark it up for modification.

After that, just wait for the chassis to return for installation . . .

See you cats later!!


Day 10 - From 2-piece to 1-piece . . . (8/19/2014)

Dropped off the Mustang drive shaft with the JTR drive flange and V8 T5 slip yoke. The guy at the machine shop turned it around in about 40 mins. He did tell me when I'm ready to put the 2-piece driveshaft back in, he could cut it to the correct length and weld the tube yoke to it. I'll have to keep that in mind :)

I went to Lowes and picked up some nuts/washers for the transmission mount and some attachments for my trusty Dremel. Also made a visit to Harbor Freight to get a furniture dolly and a small, clamp and swivel vice.

My Summit Racing order arrived and I got to work!!

Clamped the vice down and started the high pressure PS hose
(will finish the hose when the car returns)

Worked the transmission cross member with stepped drill bit and dremel

Separated before birth??

12lb Flywheel?? Yes please!!

Bling temporarily installed to measure for HTOB

Double Drat!! No pressure plate bolts . . . Calling Summit Racing :D

HTOB installed to measure and test route lines

Installed the fuel rail bungs . . .

Made another order to Summit Racing for some stuffs . . .

At this point I'm at a holding pattern until it arrives. The only thing I have left on the engine and transmission is to finish up the measuring exercise for the HTOB and permanently install flywheel and clutch assembly. I may attempt marking the crossover exhaust pipe and drop it off at the muffler shop for modification.

So far, I'm making good progress on everything. I have the suspension H&R Race Springs with Bilstein struts/shocks) lined up and ready, the ancillaries are ready to go, wheels and tires accounted for, and still have plenty of will to see this through!!

See you cats and  . . .er . . . catettes(?) tomorrow!!


Day 9 - Making a usable space a clean space . . . (8/18/2014)

My homie Frank came over and gave me a hand cleaning up the garage and moving some things around to make space.

Made some space to separate the engine and transmission so I can install some more goods.

See ya tomorrow!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 8 - NO NAPS TAKEN . . . (8/17/2014)

Yea yea yea . . . I did say it was supposed to be a rest day, but the sun was out and I needed parts!! I went to our local Pull-a-Part yard and scrounged some needed parts.

  • Explorer (V8) oil filter adapter
  • Explorer (V8) water pump coolant hoses
  • Crown Victoria power steering reservoir + hoses
  • Misc. Ford weather-pak connectors
If you say close to Pull-a-Part/U-Pull-It/Pick-a-Part, you should consider going there and picking up parts. It's a DIYers dream with excellent prices!!

Tomorrow entails straightening out the garage . . . Shambles is a good term describing how it looks . . .


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 7 - And on the 7th day . . . (8/16/2014)

I returned the tow dolly to Uhaul and proceed to nap the entire day!! I have to recover from this week's garage fest and rest for next week's garage fest.

I logged into one of my kryptonite sites (Summit Racing) and ordered up some items to make a new high pressure power steering hose. I spent less than $40 on everything.

Dragged out the Mustang driveshaft, V8 T-5 yoke, and the driveshaft flange to prep for delivery on Monday or Tuesday to be assembled and balanced.

Next week will be an assault on the engine and transmission.

  • Measure for Hydraulic TOB
    • Clutch and Flywheel
    • Bellhousing Depth
    • Crank flange to Block
  • Install HTOB, Clutch, Flywheel
  • Install Starter
  • Measure for crossover exhaust modification
  • Figure out VSS
    • T-5 I have (2002) does not have VSS, it has OSS
      • The car will run without VSS, but it may have idle and stalling issues when coming to a stop
      • If I have to buy something to make this work . . . I'm not going to worry about it, because racecar!!
  • Get some weather pak connectors from Pull-a-Part
  • Sort out which power steering reservoir to use

Nothing is going down on Day 8 other than catching up on racing and with some naps in between . . . maybe deal death to some ninjas on the Xbox . . .

See ya'll on Monday!!