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1998 Honda VFR800FI

Mrs. Zero said "I'm tired of seeing you in the shed with a frame and a box-o-parts (Bandit 400). I want to see me riding NOW!!" How in the fook am I supposed to pass that up??

So I bought a 1998 Honda VFR after we got back from the Wedding. It had some issues (Small dent in the tank, fairings needed tidying up, wheels needed to be re-balanced), but I couldn't pass on the deal!!

I took it out and rode a nice 35 mile loop . . . No strange noises, no overheating, and one electrical gremlin (odo reads blank). The DMV and Honda Service dept logs mileage was close enough for Gov't work (~22K). The place I bought if from threw in a free oil change and coolant flush.

So far I have done little to my red rocket other than:
  1. Replaced the beat up upper cowl with a repaired unit
  2. Replaced the right handlebar (PO bent it when he dropped it)
  3. Installed Two Brothers Slip-on
  4. Installed VFRness from  (to take care of a charging issue)
  5. Install a LED light for the license plate
  6. Re-torqued the engine mounting bolts
  7. Corrected a front suspension issue
  8. Changed the pre-load on the read shock
  9. Ride the crap out of it
It gets really good gas mileage. I'm seeing 40-50mpg while riding. I've put a little over 5K miles since I bought it. I'm the strange guy you see on the bike and it's 25*F outside . . . and 100*F in full gear (jacket, helmet, riding pants, boots and gloves (don't forget the tank bag and hydration pack :D))

The TwoBros changed the character of the bike. It went from a semi-quiet blatty sound to a snorting, fire pop spitting machine . . .

Currently, I'm waiting for the replacement mirrors to arrive and it's about time for another service.

Here are some pics: Honda VFR800