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1994 BMW 530i

I found this gem in TN. It it was in decently rough shape. The car ran well, but was at best a mosquito bomber, the interior seen better days, and it was in fender bender; but most importantly, it ran and it was CHEAP.

I towed this beauty home, rolled up my sleeves and grabbed a wrench. Over the span of seven days, the following was completed:

  1. Valve Cover Gaskets
  2. Intake Gasket Set
  3. Oil Pump bolts
  4. PCV
  5. Cleaned the 4.0L intake
  6. Install 4.0L intake
  7. Plugs
  8. Plug Boots
  9. Water pump
  10. Fuel pressure regulator
  11. Belts 
  12. Front Struts
  13. Brake pad sensors
  14. Fuel Filters
  15. Front suspension overhaul
  16. Motor Mounts
  17. Guibo
  18. Center Support Bearing
  19. Rear Shocks
  20. Rear Dog Bones
  21. O2 Sensors
  22. Brakes and Rotors
  23. JY Fender
  24. JY Headlights
  25. JY Trunk - not installed
  26. JY Rear Passenger door - not installed
  27. Ignition housing
  28. Installed BMW Factory Alarm
  29. Muffler-ectomy
I still have to get some new interior panels and trim work to make it complete.

I took the car to a High Performance Driver Education clinic! The 530 (aka TANK) performed REALLY well @ NCCAR . . .

Sounded awesome (no muffler) and the stock stuff held up pretty well. The little 3.0 pulled like a train down the straight. Some peeps thought it was a 540

We put about 800miles on her that weekend.

I also took the TANK down to Road Atlanta for the The Mitty and did some Touring Laps in it. This car was a BLAST at Road Atlanta. It turned in really well, made awesome noises going down through the Essess and Turn 12 and hopped curbs really well . . . I even got scare some of friends during it's run on the track (Ellen may still have her eyes closed :D)

Right now the TANK is serving as the DD for Mrs. Zero

Here are some pics: BMW 530i