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1997 BMW 740i

We just picked up another family member. This is supposed to be for Mrs. Zero and long trips.

Since it won't get the city mileage that will make her happy (the 318is gets ~25 mpg in the city), it will be our weekend and long trip cruiser.

We picked her up on September 15th with 162K from Century BMW of Greenville. She rides REALLY good. So far the only issues:

  1. Rear Passenger lock actuator
  2. Speakers are kinda ratty
  3. Rear lenses are cracked (Replaced!!)
  4. Front bumper is cracked
  5. Front light clusters are MEH (but Mrs. Zero likes it)
  6. Cluster has dead pixels
I have some sick looking rear lenses coming and will do a desk repair on the cluster.

So what's the plans for this beauty? Drive it until the car "tells" us it is time for a manual transmission :)

Here are some pics: BMW 740i