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1993 BMW 318is: Gas Sipper (SOLD)

Something followed me home . . . All the way from Jacksonville, Fl

I bought this originally as a parts car for the 325is. When I picked it up in FL, it didn't run and was REALLY sun faded.

After tinkering for two days . . . I got it running. It made a 30 miles trip. No shuddering, no strange noises, rock steady idle, good temperature!!!

AAAAAAANNNNDDDD after 1300 miles and the 3 fillups . . .I think the modding could begin.

The guy I bought it from said he overheated it in July 09. I can see traces of coolant in the oil. The Compression test checks out ok, so it may be the dreaded Timing Cover Profile gasket. Either way, I picked up a good running M42 and is it currently on the stand getting some attention. Finally, the suspension is pretty worn, so some Bilstein Sport struts and shocks + Tokico springs and bushings were installed to help it be a BMW with a good tight suspension . . .

Here are some pics: BMW 318is

The LadyBug was sold on 3/9/2019.