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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Swept, Prepped, and Pulled

In the last post, I mentioned the disaster area known as the garage. There are no before pictures because I forgot to take one :D

So much room for shenanigans!

With that out of the way:

  • boxed and shipped out some left over parts from the Roach
  • made a list of activities and tasks

I ended with up pulling the 4.8, staging parts for the build, and making the first repair on the Stincoln SmelLS.

Even if this repaired armrest never make it to the car (it probably will), it was a way for me to set the tone . . . establish an easy win.

Que the garage music and crack a cold one . . . off to finish part inventory and ordering parts!


Saturday, May 1, 2021

Updates in the Garage

Toyota Corolla aka Roach

The Roach was parted out and chassis sold for scrap. I got tried of running into rusty spot after rusty panel after rusty patch.

Truck and Trailer

Loading this rusty carcass on the trailer was a back breaking chore. Looks like it is time for a trailer winch. Speaking of the trailer, some of the planks will need to be replaced. Great timing since lumber is $$$$. Aaaaaaaand since some planks need to be replaced, I may as well perform some upgrades to the trailer and Dakota. :D

BMW 350is

I sent the Microsquirt unit and adapter harness to EFI Source for a checkout. They indicated the unit was good and reloaded a base map. I can plan the final bit of clean up work and get ready to learn how to tune stuffs.


With the Roach gone, the garage is a complete disaster area! I guess I need to grab a broom and dust pan before I attempt to do anything above.