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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Updates in the Garage

Toyota Corolla aka Roach

The Roach was parted out and chassis sold for scrap. I got tried of running into rusty spot after rusty panel after rusty patch.

Truck and Trailer

Loading this rusty carcass on the trailer was a back breaking chore. Looks like it is time for a trailer winch. Speaking of the trailer, some of the planks will need to be replaced. Great timing since lumber is $$$$. Aaaaaaaand since some planks need to be replaced, I may as well perform some upgrades to the trailer and Dakota. :D

BMW 350is

I sent the Microsquirt unit and adapter harness to EFI Source for a checkout. They indicated the unit was good and reloaded a base map. I can plan the final bit of clean up work and get ready to learn how to tune stuffs.


With the Roach gone, the garage is a complete disaster area! I guess I need to grab a broom and dust pan before I attempt to do anything above.