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Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 12 & 13 - To short to release . . . (8/21/2014 & 8/22/2014)

There are parts in this build that are standard and, of course, non-standard . . . What would a 30-day build without some drama??


I'm using a SN-95 V6 spec T-5 due to the Foxbody spec T-5s are normally beat to hell and expensive. And of course the two have their differences.

Originally purchased an external slave for the clutch that was designed for the Fox T-5. Since the SN-95 T-5 release fork comes out of the bellhousing at 8 o'clock position (instead of 9 o'clock) the external slave would need a special bracket made.

Enter the internal or concentric release bearing. The one I picked up from Ram Clutches (78130) would be offered up for moving the clutch.

The SN-95 T-5's input shaft is 0.625" longer and bellhousing is 0.67" deeper. After using the instructions (yea, I read em twice!!) to measure how many shims I need to space the release bearing, it came up short. The freeplay/clearance space is supposed to be 0.150" - 0.200". How short? 1.283" . . . HOLY SMOKES . . . I measured it three - four times to make sure I didn't screw it up. Yup . . . too short.

I added all of the shims that was provided in the kit to get see what I get  . . . 0.751". It can be shimmed out more, but the stud that the release bearing rides on is not long enough . . . crap


I phoned up Ram Clutches. We threw some numbers and pictures back and forward through email. They appeared to be more baffled at the flywheel/clutch/pressure plate height more than anything. Tech support finally said "Can you bring it by HQ on Monday? We'll measure it up and find you a solution . . ."

Guess where I'll be on Monday!!

However, as a back up, I'll mock up a bracket out of cardboard and MDF to use the external slave as a "just in case" . . . You have to be prepared don'tcha know!!