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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 10 - From 2-piece to 1-piece . . . (8/19/2014)

Dropped off the Mustang drive shaft with the JTR drive flange and V8 T5 slip yoke. The guy at the machine shop turned it around in about 40 mins. He did tell me when I'm ready to put the 2-piece driveshaft back in, he could cut it to the correct length and weld the tube yoke to it. I'll have to keep that in mind :)

I went to Lowes and picked up some nuts/washers for the transmission mount and some attachments for my trusty Dremel. Also made a visit to Harbor Freight to get a furniture dolly and a small, clamp and swivel vice.

My Summit Racing order arrived and I got to work!!

Clamped the vice down and started the high pressure PS hose
(will finish the hose when the car returns)

Worked the transmission cross member with stepped drill bit and dremel

Separated before birth??

12lb Flywheel?? Yes please!!

Bling temporarily installed to measure for HTOB

Double Drat!! No pressure plate bolts . . . Calling Summit Racing :D

HTOB installed to measure and test route lines

Installed the fuel rail bungs . . .

Made another order to Summit Racing for some stuffs . . .

At this point I'm at a holding pattern until it arrives. The only thing I have left on the engine and transmission is to finish up the measuring exercise for the HTOB and permanently install flywheel and clutch assembly. I may attempt marking the crossover exhaust pipe and drop it off at the muffler shop for modification.

So far, I'm making good progress on everything. I have the suspension H&R Race Springs with Bilstein struts/shocks) lined up and ready, the ancillaries are ready to go, wheels and tires accounted for, and still have plenty of will to see this through!!

See you cats and  . . .er . . . catettes(?) tomorrow!!