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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 11 - Low and Slow . . . (8/20/2014)

So . . . no work was completed today. I didn't even go to the garage.  I did get to watch the back of my eye lids after work and it felt good.

I did start thinking about the exhaust. Apparently, I can run this 302 uncorked up the Dragon . . . Be still my beating heart!! However, I've done the uncorked race car and no thanks . . . Besides, since this will be a track day machine as well, I will need a muffler for the noise limits that some tracks have.

Here are some choices:

  • Dynomax Super Turbo
  • Dynomax Ultraflo
  • Dynomax Race Bullet
  • Moroso Spintech
  • Moroso Spiral Flow
  • Hooker Aerochamber

I'm looking at the Race Bullets due to their AWESOMELY low $20 buy in price for the 9" version and $45 for the 12". That should still let the 302 breathe, but knock the edge off the sound.

My Summit Racing order for bolts should be here tomorrow and I can get back to the garage to finish up the measurement of the HTOB + installation of clutch/flywheel. I'll probably mount up the FEAD and ancillaries, unwrap the exhaust crossover, and mark it up for modification.

After that, just wait for the chassis to return for installation . . .

See you cats later!!