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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 7 - And on the 7th day . . . (8/16/2014)

I returned the tow dolly to Uhaul and proceed to nap the entire day!! I have to recover from this week's garage fest and rest for next week's garage fest.

I logged into one of my kryptonite sites (Summit Racing) and ordered up some items to make a new high pressure power steering hose. I spent less than $40 on everything.

Dragged out the Mustang driveshaft, V8 T-5 yoke, and the driveshaft flange to prep for delivery on Monday or Tuesday to be assembled and balanced.

Next week will be an assault on the engine and transmission.

  • Measure for Hydraulic TOB
    • Clutch and Flywheel
    • Bellhousing Depth
    • Crank flange to Block
  • Install HTOB, Clutch, Flywheel
  • Install Starter
  • Measure for crossover exhaust modification
  • Figure out VSS
    • T-5 I have (2002) does not have VSS, it has OSS
      • The car will run without VSS, but it may have idle and stalling issues when coming to a stop
      • If I have to buy something to make this work . . . I'm not going to worry about it, because racecar!!
  • Get some weather pak connectors from Pull-a-Part
  • Sort out which power steering reservoir to use

Nothing is going down on Day 8 other than catching up on racing and with some naps in between . . . maybe deal death to some ninjas on the Xbox . . .

See ya'll on Monday!!