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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 4 - Starting over . . . but with LISTS!! . . . (8/13/2014)

Day 4 didn't go down as planned, but not in a bad way!!

I grabbed the list of all of the things I need to do the chassis and went to town . . .

After checking over and making sure the gotchas were taken care of, I moved to some issues surrounding this swap:

  • ABS Pump
  • Power Steering
  • FEAD
  • Exhaust routing

Due to the way the left exhaust manifold is installed (it's actually a right side manifold), the ABS Pump will need to tilted, moved or removed. The swap manual has instructions based on the Foxbody FEAD. The SN-95 FEAD is a closer to the engine, but the Explorer/Mountaineer FEAD as a tad closer. Of course, the closer the FEAD to the engine, the more room for a bigger radiator. The manual also instructed to use the E36 P/S mounted on the Foxbody FEAD.

Since I'm using the Explorer FEAD . . . some mods needed to be made:

ABS Pump tilted . . . Still won't clear the header . . .

ABS Pump moved and brake lines bent

PS & AC FEAD marked to be modified


No AC needed, because race car!

I had to test all these mods . . . so in goes the 302 and T5!!

Explorer/Mountaineer doesn't have TFI'd Distributor like a Foxbody

Part of the AC mount has been dispatched!! You can see the remote filter adapter peeking . . .

OOOOOOHHHHH  . . So close!! Will have to fab a bracket and do a bit more line bending

Top of the PS FEAD won't let the hood close. The PS reservoir was removed. It was taller than the FEAD

PS FEAD modded for the PS high pressure house

I figured it would be short as it was made for the Foxbody FEAD and E36 PS pump

Low pressure banjo from E36 cut and filed. Ready to be bolted in and attached . . .

Exhaust routing . . .

The driver side header will be wrapped as well due to close proximity of the PS shaft, brake lines, and ABS pump. I also mocked up the Alternator FEAD as it houses the ancillary belt tensioner. The crossover was, you guessed it, designed for the Foxbody FEAD. I'll unwrap it and have it modified to clear it.

I left the garage for the night . . . it felt good to wing it WITH plans. The engine and transmission will come out again tomorrow in prep for the chassis to be delivered to the fabricator for the roll bar installation. I also plan to pick up some safety items to take with the chassis for installation as well.

So tomorrow will be REALLY slow!! See you all later . . .