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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 3 - Making the list and checking the sleigh . . . (8/12/2014)

. . . or should that be checking the Reindeer??

Day 3 was a fairly quiet one. Friday (8/15) is the big day for the car to be dropped off at the fabricator for the roll bar and seat install. I took the Dakota out today to verify all of the "fixes" that I've completed over the last week to make sure it is ready.

Here are some pictures of the Sleighdeer (??) doing what it does best . . .

Bringing the "LadyBug" home

Bringing the "Tank" home

Chauffeuring "Richard Petty"

Yep . . . it "Dodge" cones two!!

You guessed it . . . I'll race anything.

I also grabbed the swap manual to make a list of all of the things I need to do the chassis before the final installation of the 302 and T5. There are definitely some gotchas noted in the manual. I went out to the chassis and took a quick look to see if I made any changes when I did the first and only test fit. Surprisingly, I got nearly 75% of them . . . So I started the list as an itemized, bumper-to-bumper guide to make sure I get 100% of them.

I took some measurements of the ABS pump. I can give some of the lines a slight bend to move pump out of the way of the left exhaust manifold. If looks like it will clear it without a problem with some creative bending. I didn't want to get too involved with that since I want the car to at least have brakes while it is at the fabricator's shop.

Finally, I made some calls and sent some emails to vendors for pricing on some safety items required to take this heap up the hill in September. I have the seat and helmet covered.

  1. 6 point Camlock Harness (pull up lap belts)
  2. 2.5LB 10 BC or 1A10BC rated fire extinguisher with metal bracket
  3. Arm restraints
  4. Gloves

Day 4 will be dedicated to contacting vendors and maybe back on that janky passenger window regulator.

That's all for tonight . . . Time to kill ninjas on the Xbox . . . See ya tomorrow.