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Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 1 - Wiring . . . (8/10/2104)

So Day 1 is down in books . . . No parts flew and very few wrenches were turned. But a lot continuity testing, wiring, and soldering was accomplished.

Since I haven't seen or done anything on the 350is in YEARS, it made sense to start the wiring from scratch. The harness I had was a juicy mix of a 88-91 and 92-93 Foxbody 5.0L harness . . . that was hackered to death. AWESOME!!!

I sat down with my mulitmeter and wiring diagrams from the 88-91 and 92-93 Mustang and the E36 V8 Swap manual. Look at all the fun I had . . .

Let's actually read the instructions . . .

Starting with the Fuel Injection Harness

Green tape FTW!!

Tracing wires in the Main Harness. Much fun was not had . . .

Finished up the Fuel Injection Harness

Starting on the BMW X20 Connector for the Harness

Main Harness traced and taped

Soldering skills still there. Focus skill with the camera is absent

Main Harness taped and laid

Main Harness COMPLETED . . . or is it??

Remember that bit I spoke of my harness being a hackered two timer?? Yea, I sure didn't. The 92-93 harness comes with a fuel pump relay wired into the harness and 88-91 needs to have one added. Care to guess which part of the harness I have . . . . Nope, no shots of me adding the fuel pump relay and proceeding to smash my forehead again the garage door because I forgot to add it be before I wrapped it . . . 

I finished off the day by removing the seats and all of the items that I had stored inside and on top of the car. I threw a battery in and fooled around with the passenger window before I retired for the evening.

Day 2 = Engine + trans Removal and repairing a janky passenger window regulator. Stay tune!!