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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 21 - Santa's Sleighdeer . . . (8/30/2014)

Today was a LOOOOOOOOOONG day.

Mrs. Zero and I ventured out pick up some goodies!

Think of all crapcans I can now bring home!!

Took a stroll by Hyper-Formance for the final seat and belt fitment. Brent and Shelly burned some midnight oil and got it all done for pick up today. 

The highlight of the day (other than getting a trailer and Brent & Shelly knocking the bar outta the park) was Mrs. Zero enduring a non-A/C'd sleighdeer all day!! She was awesome . . . 

We got home and my neighbor came over to help unload the car and get it in the garage. We also had a mysterious visitor to show up and help

Push . . . don't blow fire at the car . . . ah dammit . . . No flames in garage!!

Needless to say . . . this dude is WHOOPED today. Tomorrow will be short on updates as I'll be napping and resting from today's adventure!!

See you cats later!!