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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 16 & 17 - Final Mock up and Cleanup . . . (8/25/2014 & 8/26/2014)

Yea . . . I know this post is late . . . But after having a fairly large ribeye and a cold adult beverage (or 3), I laid it down for the night :D


Now that we are on the other side of the halfway point, I revisited my list of things to do and things to buy. I was hoping my things to buy list was short, but no chance that would happen!! However, the list of things to do was falling fast. I must say . . . making and following a list is a tremendous help on this build. When I get to the point where a part is needed or more research is needed to be done, I can indicate that section as a stop and move to another section to maintain some forward momentum. I guess that's why Santa always checks his list twice . . .

I also filled out all of the registration paperwork for the event and forward the check the appropriate party. NO TURNING BACK NOW since Ted has my money!!

Moving back to the list, I made yet another one of things that I would like to change once I recover from this first part of the build. The car currently has 3.15 LSD, heater core and blower is still installed, no passenger seat and harness, skinny street tires, wiring for components that have been removed, and no tune for the mods made to the 302 . . . but that for another day and in another blog :)

I finished the day off by boxing all the components I need for this weekend when the car returns from Brent @ Hyper-Formance.


Two days before the car returns to Strike Zero's Garage . . . this guy is itchy with anticipation!! I put in for some days vacation to have an all hands and minds on deck to finish this 30 day build.

I took another opportunity do a semi full mock-up of the engine (with ancillaries and wiring, transmission, and exhaust)

All dressed up and no where to go

Exhaust crossover appears to fit really well

Laid the harness to get an idea of the wire length for transmission stuff

Installed and mocked up remote oil filter lines

How the exhaust is run . . . looks like normal E36 stuff

I ended the day where I left off on 8/25/2014. Since parts and tools have the tendency to play hide-n-seek when you need them, another garage cleaning was in order:

  • All of the tools were picked up, cleaned, and placed in the correct location
  • Parts that are needed where placed in boxes, labeled, and staged
  • Bigger parts staged to be checked tomorrow
  • The garage was swept/vacuumed
Over the next few days I plan to do some simple tasks to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

I made one final order (hopefully) to Summit Racing and it should be here Thursday . . . I probably just jinxed myself!!

Oh . . . and that sound you hear?? That's the sound of my hands rubbing together like I'm about to win millions . . .

See you cats later!!