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Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 20 - More Parts and a Fix . . . (8/29/2014)

Haha . . . I've finally caught up with the blog to match the date :-)

From my last entry, I had to resolve an issue with the TB and oil filler tube wanting to occupy the same space. I ran down to Pull-A-Part and raided the two V8 Explorers they had on the yard.

According to interwebz lore, the V8 Explorers come with 1.6 stamped rockers and the stamped steel valve covers should clear 1.6 roller rockers with some gently persuasion. I grabbed valve covers + hardware and headed back to the garage.

Fits up real nice . . . Note the oil filler tube

Upper intake installed.

Holy crap . . . look at all that space

IAC is highest point on the engine . . . Let's hope that won't be a problem

I turned the engine over by hand 5 times and didn't feel any resistance. I removed the cover and added some clay to the tops of the rocker arms, re-installed the cover, and turned it over 4 more times. There were no witness marks in the clay . . . I think I can call that one a success!!!

3.5 inches of 302 firepower!! Also got a overflow tank and some plugs.

I closed down the garage for today. There are a few things left to do once I get the car:
  1. Main harness
    1. IAC
    2. Temp gauge
    3. IAT
    4. Reverse lights
    5. Alternator
    6. Starter
    7. Fan switch
    8. Neutral switch wiring
    9. EGR jedi mind trickery
  2. Make some brackets and block off plates
    1. PS reservoir
    2. ABS pump
    3. Overflow tank
    4. EGR port block off plate
  3. Run some hoses and lines
    1. Fuel lines
    2. Coolant hoses
      1. Heater core bypass for now
    3. Vacuum lines
      1. Brake Booster
      2. Fuel pressure regulator
  4. Wrap the driver side header
  5. Paint the engine mounts
  6. Install engine and transmission
  7. Install driveshaft
  8. Run the exhaust
  9. Mount the radiator
  10. Install suspension
  11. Fill the engine and trans with fluids
  12. Prime the engine
  13. Add Gas
  14. Add Battery
  15. Turn the key!!!

I can get all this done in five days @ 6-8 hours a day. Giving me 3-4 days to test . . .

We are going to get this done!!

See you cats later . . .