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Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 18 & 19 - More Parts and Less Time . . . (8/27/2014 & 8/28/2014)


I didn't do very much today. I kinda roamed around the garage searching for more space. Being a car part hoarder is good and bad . . . You always have that strange part that you will need some day down the road and you always have that strange part that you will need some day down the road. :-D

Take my advice, build a storage shed first, so you'll have plenty space in the working area to stash other goodies . . .

I also looked over my list again . . . I have this sneaking suspicion that I am and will forget something . . .


1 day before the car is ready!! So what should we do today?? Let's work on the top of our 302!!

Remember the entry I made a couple of days ago about my 302 swap being different?? Well here's another taste of it being just that . . .

The manual has great pictures and descriptions of how to put a 88-93 MUSTANG 302 in an E36. My 302?? It is mix of:

  1. 88-93 Mustang 302 (wiring harness and driveshaft)
  2. 94-95 Mustang 302 (short block,valve covers, and bellhousing)
  3. 98-99 Explorer 302 (heads, intake, FEAD, and ancillaries)
  4. 98-02 Mustang V6 (transmission)
So with all those different parts, I had to be bit more clever and daring in this build. The intake side of this build is DEFINITELY were the clever and some what obvious part of the build has taken place.

Problem 1: Explorer TB elbow + TB = Can't put oil in

Problem 2: Different TPS connectors and 
Clean hands . . .

Solution!! Solder and move to the next gotcha . . .

Let's remove the elbow . . . Looks like that may work!!

IAC Connectors = different . . . Have to get a connector and mo' solder

TB Cable has LOTS of room for travel. To bad this arrangement will NOT work on an E36

Breather hose is going to easy at this point . . . LOL!!

Well, isn't that fine pickle I've gotten myself into. If I had a Mustang TB, I would be wrapping up the top end and doing a sign off of this blog entry . . . .But NOOOOOO . . . . Add an Explorer TB they said . . . It'll add more horse ponies they said . . . It'll be fun they said . . .

I moved my attention to the alternator. 
Stripped out the alternator harness

No Mega fuse needed as this is an Explorer Alternator harness

Routing the big cable

Clever . . .


Now back to our top end dilemma. I could troll the interwebz and grab up an stock Mustang TB. I would probably get it for CHEAP!! However, since nothing on this build is ordinary, I see no need to stop the trend.

I ran down to my FAVORITE place and found two V8 Explorers. I only had time to grab the TB cable bracket and some connectors.

Solution #6934: Back to square one, but with a working TB cable!!

Lookie thar!! Another connector to solder. That is for the IAC.

Don't need to stinkin' EGR, because racecar!!
Oh look!! Dirty hands!!

So now you may be wondering . . . "Strike Zero . . . . how the hell are you going to put the oil cap (and add oil) on with the TB in the way?" And I will say . . . "Mon frère (or mon cheri for the ladies following . . . Hey, I covering all of my bases here), the V8 Explorer valve covers are the answer. Since the V8 Explorers come with 1.6 stamped rockers, a little grinding and dinging inside the valve cover will make some space for the 1.6 roller rockers I have installed. A bonus is the oil filler tub is moved down and comes with an adapter to make it go around the intake tube."

So guess where I will be tomorrow?? Back to my FAVORITE place, grabbing parts . . .

Another question surfaces . . . "If I'm grabbing parts on Friday, who is picking up the car?" Well, as of Thursday morning, it's not ready . . . The tubes are going in on Friday. So cross your fingers and tighten those belts, people of the World Wide Web!! It's about to get bumpy . . . 

See you cats later!!