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Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 22 - NO NAPS . . . (8/31/2014)

Well, no naps were taken today. It was rather hot in the garage (even with the fan on high), but I didn't let that stop me from putting in a few hours today.

Oh . . . Naked metal . . . Close your eyes!!

Baked on goodness . . .

Spaced the PS reservoir down

Small strip of al-u-mini-um and done!! Will add a longer hose later . . .

Home, sweet home!!

I took a pause to dig through some boxes I had stored on the shelf that where not labeled. Low and behold, I found this:

Mustang 65mm TB!!

As you can see from the pics, I removed all of the Explorer stuff and put the Mustang junk on.I added the throttle cable (not pictured) and cable throw works correctly. I added the Explorer IAC (still have to wire it), but the TPS won't work. I'll pickup up tomorrow.

Upper intake installed . . . Labeled the vacuum ports for later.

Closed down the garage and caught up with homies for some laughs . . . .

Here's the count down list:

  1. Main harness
    1. IAC
    2. Temp gauge
    3. IAT
    4. Reverse lights
    5. Alternator
    6. Starter
    7. Fan switch
    8. Neutral switch wiring
    9. EGR jedi mind trickery
  2. Make some brackets and block off plates
    1. PS reservoir
    2. ABS pump
    3. Overflow tank
    4. EGR port block off plate
  3. Run some hoses and lines
    1. Fuel lines
    2. Coolant hoses
      1. Heater core bypass for now
    3. Vacuum lines
      1. Brake Booster
      2. Fuel pressure regulator
  4. Wrap the driver side header
  5. Paint the engine mounts
  6. Install engine and transmission
  7. Install driveshaft
  8. Run the exhaust
  9. Mount the radiator
  10. Install suspension
  11. Fill the engine and trans with fluids
  12. Prime the engine
  13. Add Gas
  14. Add Battery
  15. Turn the key!!!