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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 23 - Summer time blues . . . (9/1/2014)

So today was 105° today . . . . and 98° in the garage. With the big fan on hurricane, I got it down to 95ish°. Yep to damn hot to work in the garage today, so I went and picked up groceries.

Luckily, around 6pmish a summer thunderstorm came through and dropped the temp all way down to low 80s. So I got to work . . .

Spark plugs installed . . . It's going to suck changing this later

Installed PS Pump to check the reservoir height and cut hose to length

Finalized PS high and low pressure hoses

Wired up the IAC

Driver side of the oil pan - Just enough clearance from the steering rack

Passenger side of the oil pan - Need to space it up with a washer or two

Trans mount needed some attention

Attention was given

Mocked up the External Slave Cylinder. Will need to build something to protect that hose . . . or get a 90° fitting

Finish wiring on the Alternator and Fuel Pump Relay

I laid the wiring harness and finish terminating stuff . . . I can eliminate VSS and Neutral wiring as the T-5 I have doesn't have those. I ran out of ring terminators to build some ground cables and finish other miscellaneous connections. I also couldn't find the E36 fuel filter I had stashed years ago . . . crap!!

I left the garage at 4 AM  . . . 

Tomorrow, I'll head back the parts store for some ring terminators, fuel filter and a hex socket that will fit this oil relocation kit. I plan to do a systems check to make sure all the circuits and relays work before I do the final wiring wrap. Also planning to wrap the driver side header . . . oh itchy fun!!

Here's the count down list:
  1. Main harness
    1. IAC
    2. Temp gauge
    3. IAT
    4. Reverse lights
    5. Alternator
    6. Starter
    7. Fan switch
    8. Neutral switch wiring
    9. EGR jedi mind trickery
  2. Make some brackets and block off plates
    1. PS reservoir
    2. ABS pump
    3. Overflow tank
    4. EGR port block off plate
  3. Run some hoses and lines
    1. Fuel lines
    2. Coolant hoses
      1. Heater core bypass for now
    3. Vacuum lines
      1. Brake Booster
      2. Fuel pressure regulator
  4. Wrap the driver side header
  5. Paint the engine mounts
  6. Install engine and transmission
  7. Install driveshaft
  8. Run the exhaust
  9. Mount the radiator
  10. Install suspension
  11. Fill the engine and trans with fluids
  12. Prime the engine
  13. Add Gas
  14. Add Battery
  15. Turn the key!!!
See you cats later!!