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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It's time to thin our herd

First up is our 1993 BMW 318is(~166k mi) with manual transmission and riding on Bilstein Sports with Tokico lowering springs. It has was revived last summer and put back into DD status for a few months. The following have about 2k miles on it: reman alternator, reman brake booster, new brakes and lines, tires have less than 2k miles,  Volvo electric fan conversion (wired to run with key on), O2 sensor, engine and trans mounts, fuel filter, knock sensors, sweighted shift knob, intake gaskets, coolant pipe, BMW coolant system R&R, ICV hoses, oil filter housing orings, intake boot, and heater core.

Next up is our 1997 BMW 740i(~180k mi). It was retired from DD status last February. In the last 3-4 years we have done transmission service (reman torque convertor included), tires, brakes, BMW coolant system R&R (radiator included), PCV intake plate, monroe shocks and struts, plugs, coil packs, battery, replaced passenger door handle, and lower oil pan gasket.

Known issues . . .

- Mysterious vacuum leak that comes and goes. This leave the DISA in short runner mode
- Bendix on the starter is sticky
- Ripped driver seat pad
- Ugly tint job
- Never tested the operation of the sunroof
- Missing some trim pieces and headliner is ratty
- Paint issues

No longer for sale . . . because Mrs. Zero said so.
- Wheel sensor issue (ABS and TSC lights illuminated)
- BMW infamous seat twist
- Driver window locked in the up position
- Driver side passenger door lock cylinder failure
- Transmission whine: Fluid needs to be topped off after a oring leak wasdiscovered and fixed at the trans cooler
- Gauge cluser missing pixels
- Bendix on the starter is sticky
- Front bumper cracked
- Glove box latch broken and removed
- Paint issues
- Ugly rear tint

Parts included with each:

- M42B18 engine and all parts and gasket to refresh - head and short block are separated
- Guibo, center bearing, and exhaust hangers
- 3.45 LSD
- JY starter
- Plus all other parts I can't remember

- All parts for rear suspension refresh
- Front suspension and steering components (passenger side has been done)
- Regulator for driver's window
- Latch/Lock for Glove box
- JY gauge cluster that can be repaired to take care of pixel issue
- Backup battery
- Stock headlights from JY
- Plus all other parts I can't remember

I'm sure I'm forgetting something . . . I'll have to throw a battery in and verify the mileage.

The price is $1800 each. If you want an adventure, buy both for $3400! They are located in Columbia, SC. Both of these cars are pretty much highway and daily driver worthy. However, the 740i will need the suspension and steering components done soon.