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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Been a Loooooong While!

It's been a long while since I made a post. Life brought on a LOT of changes; some good, some bad, and some ugly. No need to harp on the crappy stuff . . . onto the good.

I picked up a few different cars and a motorcycle.

Let's see . . .

Do I still have the other vehicles? Of course I do!

1988 Volvo 780

 I was gutted when I found all of the rust on the windshield frame. It's such a striking car. So I can scrap it, pay someone $$$$$$$ to fix it, or try to fix it myself. You can guess which direction I will be going :) With the Lincoln receiving the 4.8L, I scored an ultra cheap M60B30 (BMW V8) and Getrag 420g that will take its place.

1993 BMW 318is

Still around and kicking! Threw on a fresh set of tires and brakes along with alternator, belts, O2 sensor, and brake booster at the ole girl. She is still a pleasure to drive but being prepped for sale. (Update - She was sold!)

1993 BMW 350is

After exorcising the demons, the engine developed a strange noise in the bottom end. I was completely drained on this build and almost hated looking at it. It seems the gremlins want me to quit. When I get more sage and beads, we'll see who has stronger will.

1994 BMW 530i

The Tank is still in hibernation. He may see some HPDE action this year :D

1997 BMW 740i

The Bus has been retired from daily driver use and being prepped for sale. (Update - Mrs. Zero said no sale.)

1998 Honda VFR800

I have something special planned for my old steed.

2000 Dodge Dakota

After doing all the maintenance on the Sleighdeer (srsly Dodge . . . that heater core job sucked), I lost the clutch coming home from work. At first, I thought it was clutch hydraulics . . . NOPE. I have to drop the transmission to see what is amiss. I have awesome luck!

Welp . . . I think that brings this blog up to date. As usual, wish me luck to get the broken things fixed, maintain the running, and sell off retirees. Let's hope the next update comes more quickly that this one.