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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Demons . . .BE GONE!!

I took my time this week and removed the hackered engine harness from the car.

I clipped out some additional wiring and clips that I would/may need. As I searched this hackered mess, it was WAY worse than I originally thought once I removed all of the sheathing. Holy crap this thing is bad.

After a long inspection of the new used harness, I was rather pleased to only find one missing connector and few broken ones. I laid the new used harness in place and proceeded to replace all of the broken connectors with the good one from the old rats nest.

Marriage of the E36 connector and Mustang connector was completed per instructions in the swap then tested for continuity. I took some other old connectors and made some jumpers to interface between the two.

I threw on the still questionable ECM and a fresh battery . . . Same ole, same ole . . . Continuous CEL and always on fuel pump when the key was on. At this point it was no point in trying to start it because I've been down this path before. Let's take a look at something different.

Yep . . . that's a shot of one of the capacitors on the ECM. All three are crapped out, but this is the worst of the three. Luckily, the local Radio Shack (they do still exist) have these in stock. I'll have dig deep into my memory and talent to get this repair right.

So you might say, "Strike Zero, why not get another ECM?" Well, the guy who sold me the harness wants $160ish for one he has. Finding one on Ebay?? Good fooking luck!! Lowest price is $250 for a used one . . . Oh!! How about our local part stores?? Reman units ($160ish with core) are slim to none . . . IF you can find one, it takes 7-10 days to get one in. That's right, one of sole reasons for changing to the 302 was parts availability. Apparently, that's not the case for ECMs. I'll revisit that issue on another day . . . Megasquirt is sounding mo' better.

I'll try to repair. The worst thing that can happen is . . . nothing. Wish me luck . . . heading to Radio Shack