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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Almost There . . .

After getting lost in the ALMS race on Saturday :D, I finally picked up the wrench and started working.

I rechecked the piston to valve on the 302. I'm running the old F303 cam and GT40P heads and the last time I checked them was last year. I would prefer to go through the whole process again . . .

After PtV, I dropped on the head gaskets (Felpro 9333PT-1) and torque the head to spec (Step 1 - 30 ft.lbs.; Step 2 - 50 ft.lbs.; Step 3 - Addt'l 90 degrees) using ARP flanged head bolts. Remember to use assembly lube and thread sealant on all of the lower bolts.

Next I dropped in the pre-oiled stock lifters, push rods, and 1.6 pedestal roller rockers. I set the rockers to zero lash on the combustion stroke with the lifters on the base circle of the cam and torqued to 20 ft.lbs. @ a quarter turn.

Then I had an AWESOME time playing fastener roulette with the timing cover and water pump (Summit Racing  reverse rotation) bolts.

I rolled the motor over, installed the oil pan studs, Felpro oil pan gasket and buttoned it up with Canton Road Race oil pan. This pan is a must for those who live life one Apex at a time ( . . . thanks Vin Diesel).

Flipped the engine over once more and installed the lower Explorer (GT40 style) intake, valve covers, stock distributor, Professional Products balancer and FRP Shortie GT40P exhaust manifolds (yes I know one if pointed forward and silver). All gaskets (otherwise noted) are from the Mr. Gasket rebuild kit.

I have to get some more tools . . .YAY!! I need to get a pilot bearing remover, a harmonic balancer installer and socket to torque the exhaust bolts. I also need to refurb the 24lbs injectors, install a larger throttle body, modify the fuel lines and accessory brackets. Since I'm using the Explorer GT40 style intake, it comes with the fuel rail that has the inlet and outlet on the driver side . . . this will be VERY helpful on the E36 chassis . . .